Windows used for TECNIPURE SYSTEM are made up and specially designed for installation in clean rooms. All the windows are double-glazed and flush mounted with the panel by means of a 3 mm sealed joint in their entire perimeter to assure they are airtight.

Windows are available in different dimensions and can be fabricated with laminated glass, security glass, or methacrylate according to the facility requirements.

We may distinguish the following models:

Climalit model: Airtight rectangular windows (with straight corners), made up with climalit system and triple glass of 4 mm thickness. Perimeter band is available in black or white color.
With inner frame: rectangular windows, double-glazed of 4 or 5 mm, white lacquered aluminum frame. Perimeter band is available in black or white color.

It is somethimes necessary to place windows in existing brick partitions or aligned with façade windows, for what is installed an inner separator, double and flush glazing and sanitary profile. The joint between the partition and the glass is properly sealed.