A suitable Project Management enables us not to lose the unit of concept in the project, avoiding to divide this one in unconnected tasks with different internal and external responsibility, which can lead to digressions, incongruities and gaps. The project must be handled as a compact unit that includes and integrates all his parts under the only direction: Design, Engineering, Selection of materials and equipments, Installation, Commissioning, Validations and associated Qualit system; this last aspect is of crucial importance, the Qualit system should be implemented from the outset, accompanying to the project from its early beginnings and linking continuously and uninterruptedly with the launch phase and industrial manufacturing.

A correct Project Management must consider at least the following parts:

  • Integral Project Management: Technician / cost / schedule
  • Coordination and direction of local contractors
  • Civil Works
  • Interior Architecture Clean Room
  • Energy Supplies
  • Air treatment
  • Electricity and control
  • Mechanical Facilities
  • Special Services
  • Specific Facilities
  • Equipment

INGELYT relies on a highly qualified team of professionals complemented by a wide network of partners and specialists which can deal with all the aspects related to the integral project management, so much in the modality “key in hand ” or covering only some of the parts of the project and guaranteeing the correct coordination with other participants.