porqueFrom the collaboration in creating a business plan, up to putting the manufactured products on the market, going through studies of viability, plans of development, commercial plans, designs, construction, start-up and validation of production plants, INGELYT is the perfect partner to carry out a new investment, or an improvement of the existing resources for companies with spirit of growth.

The consolidation of the own values of the company as the spirit of service, dynamism, Quality, responsibility and the ability to work together with our clients has allowed us to be a company with increasing resources to offer to the market.

This character of service allows INGELYT not to distinguish between large and small clients, as each one needs the same personalized service, offering a guarantee and confidence that their projects will be carried out by the highest standards of quality.

Definitively, why INGELYT?

– Because we have been doing this for 20 years.
– Because our name and our place have not changed during this time, except to improve our facilities to the clients’ service.
– Because we are the same people who started with some new and improved additions.
– For what the CLIENTS say about us.
– For what the SUPPLIERS say about us.
– Because we do things well at a reasonable cost.
– For Guarantee, Quality, Nearness, Preparation, References, Experience, …
– Is there something more?
– Because we have a philosophy that lasts and we will probably be able to provide the same service to our clients for another 20 years.
– Because we are manufacturers.
– Because we have been adapting to the market’s needs.
– Because we think that by joining efforts with partners and specialist companies in every discipline we add resources without increasing costs.