INGELYT S.L. is a company created in 1995 as a result of the existing need in the Spanish market for a company that dedicates its resources to the service of the Pharmaceutical industry, in the area of Clean Rooms.

INGELYT S.L. belongs to the group Lapeyra and Taltavull, company dedicated to the representation of first level international firms, in the pharmaceutical sector, food sector, cosmetic sector etc. … with an antiquity of more than 50 years.

Maintaining its identity as an independent company with 100% Spanish capital, INGELYT has evolved during its 20 years of existence to be a reference in the industry and other similar sectors which has served its services according to the demand of these new markets.

INGELYT is a company with a distinct vocation to client service, focusing all its efforts in giving effective answers to the constant evolution of the employed techniques and regulations of obliged fulfillment in these types of specific facilities.

With the experience of these years of work, solid roots and a constant growth; supported by its wide references in sectors as complex as to which it dedicates its efforts, INGELYT has been consolidated as a leading company in the integral service to companies of the sector.