All assemblies between the floor, the walls and the ceiling will be finished in a rounded form to prevent dust accumulation and facilitate cleaning.

This rounded finishing can be done by aluminum profiles (anodized finish or lacquered), by PVC profiles or by means of the curved finish of the floor itself in the case of fittings between the floor and the walls.

For this purpose, the panel is raised through a specially designed aluminum profile, which allows finishing the floor directly, separating the two materials (panels/floor). These profiles will be integrated in between the partition walls, serving as support, which in turn is anchored to the floor to allow a better finish of the junctions between floor and vertical panel, as well as a better planimetry.
The concave apexes do remain in a round point by means of spherical caps in the same material. The convex corners are done with curved profile (corner profile); finished on the floor and ceiling with a piece like a stern.

A special sealing of all fittings by means of polyurethane mastic will ensure the tightness and guarantee that there are no cracks and leaks.