20 years carrying out projects of critical facilities and clean rooms for different sectors.

Pharmacist: production zones for sterile, solid, liquid, lyophilized, semisolid, PFS, BF & S products… Areas of contention for manufacture high powered products: hormonal, oncology, antibiotics, cytostatics ..

Veterinarian: production zones, containment laboratories, animal facilities

Chemical industry: manufacturing zones APIs, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers …

Cosmetics: production areas of solids, liquids, gels

Biosafety: Biosafety Laboratories BSL-1, BSL-2, BSL-3 and BSL-4 research pathogens, hormones, bio-waste contaminants …

Hospital Sector: Operating rooms, meeting in vitro fertilization facilities, radiopharmaceuticals, infectious areas, burned and immunosuppressed patients sterile rooms, manufacturing areas of sanitary products

Production zones for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

R & D: biopharmaceuticals, biomedical, quality control laboratories. Research centers and universities.
Homeopathy and natural medicine

Food industry: Areas of manufacture and processing, packaging, fermentation, refrigeration and freezing cameras

Electronic industry, Aerospace, PV industry. Micromechanics, Optics, Glass Industry


Services offered by INGELYT include all aspects of the pharmaceutical business.

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Conceptual design

The Conceptual Design is based on the Business Plan guidelines wich define in detail which products to manufacture, and lots and volumes and pharmaceutical processes that will be used.

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Basic and Detailed engineering

The engineering phase will define all construction aspects of the project, its facilities and equipment.

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Quality plans

From the early stages, the project has to be parallel to a quality system which ensures that all processes, equipment and facilities are designed, installed and functioning according to specifications.

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Clean rooms construction

Clean room architecture system, auxiliary equipment, air treatment, critical fluids, industrial utilities ... according to established specifications.

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Project management

Proper Project Management allows to handle the project as a compact unit that integrates all parts under a single management.

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GMP consultancy

Ingelyt can perform in collaboration with the customer the whole GMP support for a new project.

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Maintenance and after-sales service

Essential for the correct operation of the installation, its proper performance, reliability and durability over time.

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