conceptual design consultancyThe Conceptual Design is based on the Business Plan guidelines wich define in detail which products to manufacture, and lots and volumes and pharmaceutical processes that will be used. Equipment, machinery and technology, as well as all auxiliary facilities are identified and sized. Required buildings and rooms as well as the interactions between them are planned to facilitate the flow of production. Finally a project timetable is established and determined and the costs associated with the project are detailed.

Ingelyt can perform all the tasks that a conceptual design must include for the project to comply with customer expectations in terms of the end goal for which it is proposed, as well as cost and implementation schedule. Among other activities it would include:

  • Product Definition
  • Definition of production and analytical processes
  • Selection of technologies and equipment
  • Definition of volumes and lots sizes
  • Definition of product requirements
  • Definition and sizing of services
  • Proposed Layout
  • Making pharmaceutical plans (guest areas, pressures, flows of materials and people, implementation of equipment)
  • Preliminary verification of the adequacy of the project with regulatory agencies
  • Project Timeline
  • Investment proposal