Special fluids used for operations inside a clean room, due to their complexity, require very specific treatment and must be designed and installed according to very strict rules and procedures.

Demineralized water, deionized water, purified water, WFI, clean pure steam, clean air, special gases … must be integrated coordinated and implemented in the general installation forming a unique set of design, which must be customized and adapted to the specific conditions of each project.

Production processes are always evolving and developing and therefore critical facilities and processes associated with these fluids must be designed not only by durability criteria, also modernization and continuous improvement criteria.

Critical fluids should be designed and constructed so that maintenance can be carried out quickly and effectively, promoting the implementation of predictive maintenance programs, and allowing corrective maintenance operations to be carried out quickly and efficiently with the least possible impact on the production process.

Critical fluids facilities should be qualified and validated periodically, so the design of the installation must be done so that validation operations can be performed quickly and effectively, both to ensure correct and efficient validation and as to reduce the time and media needed.