Maintenance is another critical factor in the clean room facilities as it not only keeps them in operational condition but lengthens its life.
Thus, a plan of Integral Maintenance is critical to the correct operation of the installation, its proper performance, reliability and durability over time.

Maintenance after sales service

In Ingelyt we spent years carrying out this important task, conceived not only as an after-sales service to regular customers but as a way to provide improvement solutions for installations made ​​by others.

For this purpose Ingelyt has the same qualified personnel as those who are involved in new facilities, guaranteeing therefore equal results and a full compliance with current regulations in classified areas.

Ingelyt can handle the maintenance of each and every one of the services offered in the building process:

Clean room arquitecture: repair crushed or broken panels and ceilings; repair and replacement of damaged sealed joints; installation of protection panels, roof reinforcements, replacement and repair of different elements in doors as handles, locks, latches; adjustments and troubleshooting of pressure losses and leaks by installing weatherstripping; replacement and sealing of sanitary profiles etc.

Air treatment system: preventive and corrective maintenance of HVAC; cold groups (chiller) and boilers; water pumps; pipes and isolations, conduction and diffusion, conventional and absolute filtration. etc.