This is a novel concept of classified facility, designed as a conventional clean room and built on modular units combined together to create more or less complex installations, according to customer requirements, completely functional, and its fundamental property: easily transportable and manipulated.

The result is completely self-sufficient and autonomous facilities set in ISO containers joined to each other both in plan and elevation, with finishes and interior features according to the standards of cleanroom use:

  • Clean room enclosures specially optimized for a reduced space, focus on the connections between modules.
  • Treatment of air, fluids and other critical cleanroom services that can be located on separate technical modules depending on the needs of the facility.

This is a very good solution for cases like:

  • Installations that may change their location due to business, finance, regulatory, strategies…
  • Installations in far locations without technical assistance on-site.
  • Installations that should be placed separate from other buildings, due to their use.
  • Extension of installations that have reached their construction volume allowed by local regulations.
  • Time and cost optimization, setting limits to civil works.

They are applicable in many different and similar fields that require conventional construction facilities such as pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary for production areas, vaccine development, research laboratories …. Also for surgeries in hospitals, areas of parenteral cytostatic cell therapy …

But they are especially useful in areas where the prevention of risks from handling and exposure to biological agents or high active pharmaceuticals require the design and build suitable for handling them to ensure insulated installation areas and protection of the external environment: areas of containment and biosafety laboratories, animal facilities, isolation rooms for infectious, gene therapy, toxicology etc for hospital sector..

Definitively, these type of facilities constitute a very suitable solution because they provide maximum functionality and performance with a minimal investment and space.