GMP training consultancyDuring each project phase for all the activities involved it may be necessary to require GMP training, from business plan to the approval by the sanitary authorities of an area or a specific product.

Ingelyt in addition to other Pharmaceutical Advisory Services can provide full GMP training, covering the following things:

  • GMP training at different levels (general, in detail for the different areas of the plant)
  • Training in General quality system
  • Specific training in the area of ​​quality assurance, production control and production
  • Specific training in the development area (analytical development, pharmaceutics, and clinical registration)
  • Specific training in sterile environments (personal, environmental controls, lab, …)
  • GMP specific training required (risk analysis, preparation of audits of any regulatory agency …)
  • Making quality plans agreed with suppliers
  • Technical agreements between pharmaceutical companies.