Cleaning and decontamination are critical operations in clean rooms and controlled environment areas: VHP systems, ozone decontamination, peracetic, WIP systems, CIP and SIP … A regular cleaning and decontamination of areas, systems and equipment is a fundamental need to be considered and planned from the beginning of design. The procedures for cleaning and decontamination as well as their regular checks require time and technical resources, so careful study and design is necessary to minimize the impact on the production process without reducing its effectiveness.

The WIP, CIP and SIP systems require the provision of critical fluids such as purified water, WFI and Pure Steam to be taken into account in the balance of consumption and distribution links. As in critical fluids facilities WIP, CIP and SIP systems must be designed and installed in coordination with other facilities. The processes that take place within controlled environment areas are always in continuous evolution and development and therefore the cleaning and sterilization systems WIP, CIP and SIP should be designed with criteria for innovation and continuous improvement. Validation of these systems is a critical factor and must be taken into account in the design phase.

Decontamination systems are essential in sterile areas; vapors normally based on hydrogen peroxide (VHP), peracetic acid, ozone and other fungicidal compounds and disinfectants. To ensure the effectiveness of the decontamination system must be interconnected systems with air handling and ventilation so it is appropriate that both systems are designed in a joint and coordinated manner. Like all critical facilities decontamination facilities must be periodically validated by what criteria and validation processes must be taken into account during the design and installation phases.