The set of partitions is formed by “sandwich” panels with a symmetrical structure and a smooth surface.

Tecnipure panels are self-supporting, easy to disassemble and allow machining on-site to suit existing enclosures. The assembly between the panels is performed by blind and hollow aluminum profiles, being used in turn as pipelines to pass electrical installations.

The external finish can be:

Both TECNIPURE RESIN PANEL and TECNIPURE SHEET PANEL are made from a rigid and stable support (polystyrene or rock wool) attached in factory with solid sheets of thermosetting synthetic resin or pre-lacquered smooth metal sheets.

Both types of external finish give the panel very good qualities:
High resistance to scratches and impact in the case of the phenolic resin panel.
Good fire and heat resistance in the case of sheet metal panel.

Also the type of support inside the panel provides specific features as: light weight, high rigidity, excellent thermal – acoustic isolation and good fire behavior.

The standard total thickness of the panels is 52 mm, being able to make other thicknesses (50, 75, 100, 120 mm …), according to construction or insulation needs.

By their constructive features PANELS TECNIPURE can be mechanized on-site to adapt to the existing enclosures.

The joints between panels are sealed to ensure tightness. Vertical joints between walls and horizontal joints between floor and ceiling are carried out by scotia moulding lacquered or anodized aluminum or PVC profiles of 50 mm radius.