Clean Rooms and Environment Controlled Areas have infinite applications both for production and for research and development, which need very specialized solutions adapted to its particular conditions of use and exploitation: INGELYT’s wide experience in the sector allows us a deep knowledge of the possible needs and requirements as well as of the specific solutions that can be applied to every case, including innovative designs adapted to needs and very particular processes.

  • Unidirectional air flows to guarantee the protection of the critical processes, adapted to clean room architecture or to protected equipments. ISO classes 5 or Superiors.
  • RABS (Restricted Area Barrier System) systems of unidirectional flow of maximum protection totally adapted to the equipments and zones to protect with special designs to minimize the interference of human operator with the critical process.
  • Weighing cabins and protection for the sure accomplishment of sampling and dispensing processes with product, operator and environment protection.
  • SAS and pass locks for a safe materials transfer between the different zones. With integrated HEPA ventilation systems, VHP decontamination, Ozone, UV. Pneumatic seal watertight doors.
  • People decontamination Systems: ultrafiltered air showers, mist showers, chemical decontamination showers.
  • Decontamination systems and effluent neutralization, thermal and/or chemical biowaste systems.