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For some time at public and private research centers and national and international production centers specifically designed facilities are being used for containment of dangerous biological agents in its manipulation and that could be a risk for the people who handle them or the community.

With this summer’s Ebola crisis there has been the need to have facilities adapted for the managing of this type of biological agents to assure the protection of both the workers and the population in order to avoid any risk of being exposed to these type of biological agents.

INGELYT, besides the traditional biosafety facilities, offers the ability and experience of Modular Biological Safety Facilities type P3 and P4


  • It can be installed outside urban agglomerations and hospital centers.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Fast design and construction (less than 5 month from the order to the start-up)
  • Easy and fast installation (less than 2 weeks). The installation can go pre-install and pre- qualify, ideal for locations without technical resources
  • Easy check of biological stamp and containment.
  • 100% autonomous
  • Optimization of time and costs having limited the works of civil work
  • Easy growth without interruption of the activity
  • Easily decontaminated.
  • Easy qualification and maintenance.
  • Air Containment System.
  •  Containment system for material transfer and personnel
  • Containment systems for processing of waste (liquid and solid)
  • Stackable in horizontal as in vertical to form several heights.


The biosecurity modular facilities have multiple uses: ·

  • Manipulation of microorganisms depending on his classification (levels 1,2,3, and 4).  The classification is describe in the international guidelines

  •  The potential uses for a P3 (level of biological safety 3 or  containment  labs) or P4 (level of biological safety 4  or Laboratories maximum containment):
    •  Research and development
    •  Animal research
    •  Managing of biological potentially contaminated samples
    •  Autopsies
    •  Operating room
    •  Isolation of patients


  •  Examples of microorganisms handled by type of laboratory:

LEVEL P4 (Ebola Virus, Marburg Virus, Congo hemorrhagic fever …)

LEVEL P3 (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, hepatitis virus B and C, yellow fever, agents associated with transmissible spongiform encephalopathy’s (TSE), …)


The transport is performed by ISO maritime containers of different capacities (16, 20, 30 and 40 feet) being able to go already completely installed from source or folded for assembly on-site installation.

The ideal is that unless the air treatment plants, fluids critics and other clean room services, can be hosted on technical independent modules depending on the needs of the installation, it is ideal that this module be installed from source.


AUTHOR: Juan Carlos Carballo

Industrial Engineer (Director General INGELYT)


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