INGELYT manufactures several models of specific swing doors for use in clean rooms. The standard finishing is a phenolic resin plate, although in special conditions of temperature or humidity, it is possible to finish the doors with a sheet plate. Using this material makes Tecnipure doors have a high resistance to impact and scratching and a great stability over time.
Its design and construction answers to demanding requirements of areas classified so Tecnipure doors are specially designed to avoid dust accumulation and facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

The type R is a door with rounded aluminium angles, both the leaf as the frame.
The type PE is a double-flush door (on both sides) with straight aluminum frame, leaf angles of resin compact and perimetral leak-proof joint.
The type PEA is a double-flush door with frame and leaf angle made of straight aluminium and perimetral leak-proof joint.
The type PER is a double-flush door, where the leaf has a phenolic resin compact edge and the frame is the reinforced and trimmed phenolic resin panel itself. Possibility of a perimetral leak-proof joint for achieving a good tightness.