INGELYT produces specific sliding doors for use in clean rooms and controlled environment areas. This type of door is specially recommended for areas where the use of swing doors is not possible due to lack of space.
Phenolic resin finished which gives them high resistance to impact and scratching and to cleaning and disinfection agents.
They are specially designed to clean areas, not only for its ergonomic design but by its opening system with no rail on the floor that avoids the existence of points of accumulation of dirt and allows the passage of carts and people without any impediment.
Depending on their sealing degree we can distinguish different models:

Model PC Sliding door: Door built in Tecnipure resin panel with 42 mm thick leaf, compacted edges and manual opening system with steel guides Klein type.
Designed for separating areas with similar environmental conditions in which tightness is not a determining factor.

Restricted air sliding door: Door built in Tecnipure resin panel with 17 mm thick leaf, edged with aluminum profiles and automatic opening.
Equipped with special rubber joints around the perimeter that can regulate the flow of air and ensure the tightness of the leaf in the closed position.

Sliding watertight door: Door with automatic opening system built in Tecnipure resin panel with 40 mm thick leaf special aluminum profiles which design and a continuous tubular joint get an airtight seal and complete tightness.
Designed for areas with strict requirements where it is important to ensure maximum tightness.