Ingelyt, thanks to its long career and a deep knowledge of needs and requirements of the sector, has an extensive experience in design, manufacture and installation of auxiliary equipment and solutions for clean rooms and critical areas in order to provide a complete customized solution to particular needs and processes.

Laminar flows, Rabs, sampling and weighing cabins, SAS and locks for material passage, air showers, mist showers, chemical decontamination equipment and other such facilities, with the advantage of being custom designed and manufactured.

Laminar flows

equipment solution clean rooms

Laminar flows designed, constructed and validated according to ISO 14644 / 4 to ensure optimal product protection in critical process.

Custom made with possibility to manufacture as separate modules or perfectly integrated in the clean room architecture or equipment to protect.

According to requirements and to the air canalization and air return can be constructed in two ways, with to two types of flows:
– Horizontal laminar flow
– Vertical laminar flow

Made with high-performance fans with electronic speed control and HEPA filter H14 or U15 ratings for ISO 5 or higher.
Construction option with different types of air diffusing surface:
– Microperforated plate.
– Double screen of woven polyester monofilament.

RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System)

RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System)-equipment

Unidirectional flow systems of maximum protection by installing a physical barrier separating the product of operator influence and fully adapted to the equipment or area to be protected.
This system provides better conditions in terms of air quality than traditional unidirectional flows as at all times there is a gap between the unidirectional air flow and the operator minimizing his interference in critical process.

They are produced in acrylic or polycarbonate and completely tailor-made as they should adapt to the equipment. Access to it can be done by installing doors or gloves with the possibility of installing one or more to access different areas of the installatiom, including access for maintenance and possibility of installing interlocking systems.

Sampling and weighing booths

Sampling and weighing booths

Unidirectional flow areas for protecting products, operators and environment and control of crossing pollution during the sampling, weighing and fractionation process.
Operator protection is achieved by unidirectional air flow that prevents inhalation of handled products, and protection of the environment by means of an enclosure in depression with return filter at low altitude.




SAS and locks for material transfer

Clean rooms, despite being isolated areas require continuous interaction with the outside, not only of individuals but of the materials and processes that take place inside. They also require internal processes and interactions between different areas where crossed pollution must be avoided.

Ingelyt manufactures transfer systems: SAS (Sterile Access System) to enable this interaction and prevent or reduce pollution in entry and exit of materials, waste outlet,…

SAS are tailor-made, depending on requirements, and can be manufactured with different designs and finishes: HPL, stainless steel; with one, two or more doors to distinguish admission and release or connect multiple areas, peepholes; provided of UV germicidal lamps, ultra filtrated air and control systems designed to user measure etc.

Biological SAS


SAS for transfer and disinfection of biologically contaminated materials provided with devices to eliminate biological burden introduced in the SAS before, during and after the transfer operation.

Tailor-made with double watertight door with static or pneumatic seal and interlock prepared for germicidal disinfection or VHP, with aeration system using ultra filtration air and control system designed for user measure.




Air showers

Enclosures with ultra filtered air jets at high speeds (> 35 m / s) for cleaning staff particules and materials for access to certain areas of production.
Used primarily for people entering clean areas with high classification requirements as sterile areas, and exit of people in containment areas.
It is appropriate to deal with individual enclosures with useful space between 80 – 90 cm so that driving the air jets with high velocity with tangential effect causes the separation of deposited particles on the surface of users clothing to ensure cleaning.




Water mist shower

NEB-air-shower-equipmentWatertight enclosures with nozzles from where high-pressure water mist comes out, distributed strategically within the cabin, with the possibility of connection to purified or treated water.
Its aim is to set particles capable of contaminating in users protective suits in high containment areas and thus keep the output product controlled effectively.
These cabins have the possibility of connecting extraction and ultrafiltrated air drive.






Manual voice transfer system between classified areas without telephone connections, power supplies …
Intercom is used to allow communication between adjacent staff in classified rooms.
Made of plastic material suitable for clean rooms.
Installation possible in blind panel or glass panel.
With vibrating membrane completely sealed preventing air flow between rooms.