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Productive processes of the pharmaceutical sector requires advanced technological solutions in order to fulfill international standards. Spaces where pharmaceutical products are made are known as ‘controlled areas’ or ‘white rooms’. These spaces are divided in different classified zones, which allow to handle different materials in an isolate way.


The eventual transfer of products between different spaces or between different areas and the exterior are measure by White Rooms SAS equipments. There are chambers pass through designed to ensure safety during the transfer. SAS must satisfied the high level of demand for controlling the productive pharmaceutical processes which are up to the international ISO policy.

Main types of SAS White Rooms


The productive processes show big variations depending on the targets and necessities of each customer, that’s why there are different types of SAS White Rooms equipments: pass through, ventilated and biological. All of them are modular systems that can be configured and adapted to the particularity of controlled areas and thus, bring an optimal service in each process.

Made if high quality materials such as AISI 304 steel, SAS White Rooms are designed to keep aseptic conditions. The corners of the chambers are rounded and the junctions are polish in order to facilitate the cleaning. The SAS equipments have 6mm double glass doors which you can see through.

Moreover, the door aperture system has a control mechanism called ‘block system’, which doesn’t allow the simultaneous aperture of both doors. Aperture system and power-on of the optional elements of security are controlled through buttons in both sides of the chamber.

SAS Pass Through


SAS Pass Through are chambers that ensure the transfer of objects and materials in a safe way, avoiding any kind of contamination in both directions with no need of filtration air systems.

Based on the needs of the process, it is possible to add doors to the SAS Pass Through systems, as well as including another disinfection optional systems: ultraviolet germicide lamps and another electrical block.


Ventilated SAS

Ventilated SAS equipments shared settings with SAS Pass Through except the ones that includes a HEPA sweeping air system. The difference between this kind of White Door and the previous one is about the decontamination system.

SAS ventilated equipments have a high complex system base on the entire renovation of the air whitin the chamber based on a filtrated HEPA air scavenge. The interior of the ventilated SAS chamber remain disinfected after the scavenge and, thanks to the simultaneous aperture control mechanism of the door, a pass through of free contaminated materials is ensured. Also the ventilated SAS incorporates EC fans  with automatic electronic governors of speed, which allow optimize the use of the filters and reducing energetic spending.

Biological SAS


The diverse classified areas respond to a hierarchy categorization based on the level of control of the chamber and the type of materials used in it. In the classified zones, where employees have to manage contaminated products, is mandatory to use biological SAS equipments for transferring those products from one place to another

Biological SAS equipments are different to other White Rooms SAS ones because of its capacity to neutralize biologically those materials. In biological SAS equipments is possible to attach a hydrogen peroxide generator, external or integrates, in order to complement the scavenge of filtrated HEPA air.


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