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validation and comissioning

Validation of pharmaceutical equipments has basically two goals:



  1. Tools of the Industrial Area in order to show the adequacy of its facilities, equipments and the suitability and reliability of its manufacture and control processes.
  2. The pharmaceutical sector is a regulated sector and the different regulatory agencies (AEMPS, EMA, FDA, ANVISA…) are regulating these activities of qualification and validation through specific rules and guides of specific compliance. These activities of qualification and validation must be correctly done and documented in order to get the approval of a facility by the agencies.


Validation of pharmaceutical equipments: management and organization.


The management and organization of the qualifications and validations of a plan are made following these documents:

Validation Master Plan

URS (Users Requirements), FS (Functional Specifications), DS (Design Specifications

Quality Risk Management strategies

Risk assessment: facilities, equipments and processes.

FAT, SAT, Commissioning stages for utilities and equipment

DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ of the following equipment’s, utilities or systems

Qualification of utilities HVAC, PW, WFI, PS, CIP/SIP, Compress air, Vacuum.

Qualification of process and packaging

Qualification of Analytic Equipment: UPLC, HPLC, NIR…

Process Validation

Cleaning validation

Validation of processes of sterilization (if necessary)

Validation of Analytic Methods (physiochemical and microbiological)

Validation of computer Processes. ERP. LIMPS. SGA. SCADAs, PLCs.


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